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We've crossed the finish …

... on Climate Driven, publishing our last story from Cumberland County this morning. This county, in particular, has been extremely fruitful — we reported a total of 13 stories here alone!

As a decadelong vegan, Susan Sharon's story on the rise of plant-based eating particularly resonated with me. I vividly remember walking into Green Elephant — a predominantly vegan Asian restaurant in Portland — for the first time, several years ago, and thinking, "Wait, I can eat all of this?!" As Susan reported, most of the time vegans are lucky to get a single option, but to have an entire menu to choose from... well, that's not so uncommon anymore.

As I hinted last week, we're still looking for ways to continue Climate Driven even as all the reporting is complete — anything we work on, we'll be sure to promote here, and it will live on the same page at More on that when it happens!


Andrew Catalina, Digital Editor

(PS: I didn't know talking about the Giro last week would end up being topical, but the race has been decimated by COVID and Italy is experiencing historic, deadly flooding, so it has unexpectedly entered the international conversation...)

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Have you picked up your copy of "The Midcoast" by Adam White yet? That’s the next featured title of our All Books Considered Book Club.

The New York Times described "The Midcoast" as "brimming with keen observation, not just of the landscape but of dialect and class distinctions and all the tiny, vital particularities that make a place real in fiction, 'The Midcoast' is an absorbing look at small-town Maine and the thwarted dreams of a family trying to transcend it."

The "Midcoast" Book Club Event will take place at 7 p.m. Thursday, June 22, with the author and our host Bill Nemitz. Not a book club member? Quickly remedy that gaffe by signing up today!

Thanks to Bull Moose and Coffee By Design for their support of this series.


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