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Hey gang,

Mark is out this week so I'm pinch hitting for this week's edition.

Sad to say, but as I make final preparations for my teenager's first year of high school, I can't help but realize that summer, in the social sense anyway, is drawing to a close. (Of course, that's among the least of my reflections as I pass through this milestone.)

I've spent much of the season on two wheels, recalling my own teenage years and the freedom I found on my bicycle. It seems I'm not alone; e-bikes sales are booming, according to our report this week, and dealers have a term for the joy they bring: 'the e-bike smile.'

Another story of note, this one from our friends at Marketplace, is on liquidation stories, which of course we in Maine know ALL about. (I'm looking at you, the place I should have bought the thing from when I saw the thing.) NYT also had a good read on grocery liquidation, so I'm detecting a theme here.

Before I sign off, I do want to make sure to point out our partnership with America Amplified on this year's election; if you have any questions about voting, be sure to submit them using the form on our Your Vote 2022 landing page.

Happy Friday!

Andrew Catalina, Manager of Digital News

Maine Public: E-bikes are getting more Mainers out of their cars — and could help the state meet its climate goals

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