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Orientation 2023

Greetings Eagle Families!

We hope you’ve been enjoying graduation ceremonies and special moments that mark the end of your student’s senior year! By now, your student should have their move-in date and time in their housing portal – along with instructions about how they can find a different slot if the one we picked doesn’t meet your family’s needs. They’ve probably also just finished registering for fall classes.

Here are some questions we’ve received, and how we answered them:

Q: What do I do during move-in?

A: We are not hosting formal events for families during move-in but will offer some optional activities, stay tuned! We recommend you plan according to the needs of your student. Typically, families stay long enough to ensure that their student’s belongings are in the room (letting the roommates do the decorating together), check out the campus and the campus store, and maybe visit nearby Tenleytown for some last-minute supplies and a snack before saying goodbye.

Q: I’m planning for Thanksgiving travel, what does it mean when the calendar says Tuesday classes cancelled, Friday classes meet?

A: Generally, most classes meet on a Monday and Thursday or a Tuesday and Friday schedule (there are also classes that meet 3 times a week or just once a week). If your Eagle has a class that meets on Tuesdays and Fridays, they will attend class on Tuesday as usual, and not attend Friday. If your Eagle has a class that only meets on Tuesday, it is cancelled for that week. The university is closed on Thursday and Friday. Always consult with your student first before making travel arrangements.

Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle!
The New Student and Family Programs Team

Family Resources

Did you know we have a website with curated content just for our AU parents and families? You'll find quick links to campus services and offices, a planning calendar with key dates and deadlines, travel tips and a listing of our favorite hotels, a collection of our recorded webinars and so much more! Visit us at


Flock Talk: Advice from Current Eagle Familes to New Eagle Families

Flock Talk is a new section where our current Eagle Families share advice just for you! Check out this week's advice:


"Honor your student's independence; support them as they develop their own problem-solving skills." - Shelley Wedergren, P '24


This is a great piece of advice we received! Let’s start with honoring your student’s independence. As your Eagle emerges into adulthood, it’s time to discuss the ways your students will take ownership of their college experience. Here are examples of some great conversations to have right now:

  • Financial expectations – Discuss with your student how they will manage their finances in college. What will they need to pay for? Feel free to share these financial literacy resources with your student.

  • Health considerations – Discuss with your student how they will manage their health as an adult. They will need to get in the habit of scheduling their own appointments and making decisions about their own health. If your student has a chronic health need, now is a great time to plan. If they have existing mental health or physical healthcare providers, they should speak with their provider about finding care in Washington, DC.

  • Did your Eagle succeed with accommodations in high school? New students should start the application process early in the summer as the approval process takes several weeks. They must submit documentation themselves, which may be different from the high school model in which you handled the accommodations process. With a new environment, students may feel emboldened to try their first semester without accommodations. However, a new environment brings new challenges and uncharted territory, so it's important to keep using accommodations in the first semester/year, then evaluate if they're still needed in the future.

As your Eagle develops their own problem-solving skills, it’s important to remember that they will likely share their challenges with you, while the friends get the fun and exciting news. When things go wrong, college students phone their parents for reassurance. When you get the call, encourage them to utilize the many resources available to support their AU journey.

New Student Checklist: Dates and Deadlines

AU gate

You can help your student keep track of deadlines and tasks like these:

  • Upload a photo for the AUID (One Card) by July 15 to avoid long lines at move-in.
  • Students must upload immunization records by July 15.
  • Consider whether tuition insurance is right for your family.
  • Student bills are due August 1, they get finalized in early July as your student registers for a full-time courseload.
  • Start thinking about finding local ATMs, banks, pharmacies and specialized medical providers as needed. Use the "20016" zip code to search the internet for services closest to campus.
  • Save the date: Family Weekend is October 13-15.

Online Self-Paced Orientation for Families - Now fixed!

We now have a resolution for logging into Canvas. Thanks for your patience! The "forgot password" process will now send you a link to reset your password. Here are the instructions:select the option for Professional and Lifelong Learners: For learners without an account. Login with the email address that we've sent you our newsletters. To set up your password, follow the "Forgot Password?" link and check your email for instructions from Canvas to reset your password. The orientation will give you an overview of AU’s academics, campus life, safety considerations, student responsibilities and resources specifically for families, all at your own pace. You’ll also be able to begin the course and return to finish or revisit content at any time!

Immunizations due 7/15

Clawed getting immunized

The District of Columbia Immunization Law requires that all students under age 26, no matter how many credit hours they are enrolled in, must provide proof of their immunizations on the AU Mandatory Immunization Form. All new students must also complete the Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire. Students will be able to enter their immunizations online once they have registered for classes, so this is a good time to obtain current records. They must do so themselves, a family member can’t enter the information on their behalf. Immunization records are due by July 15.

AU Central

AU Central

AU Central is your one-stop shop for all billing-related questions. AU Central brings together in a central location the front line services related to student accounts, registration and Veterans Services. The office has also partnered with Academic Health Plans (AHP) to manage the administration of the student health insurance waiver process. Our team of student services counselors is cross trained and ready to assist you with your questions.

Student Billing

Sunset over Kogod School of Business

Payment for the fall semester is due August 1. Your student must register for classes to generate a bill, which will be posted to the student’s Eagle Service Account. In order for families and other sponsors to view or pay the bill, your student must grant you proxy access. You’ll find a simple list of tuition and fees, instructions on how to view an itemized version of the student bill and payment options on the Student Accounts website.



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