Cat who can't walk without shaking gets a second chance...

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News from Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation  |  February 2022

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Buttons Wobbles Into a Stable, Happy Future

Buttons was brought in by ARF’s rescue team at just a few weeks old, nursing on her mama alongside her two siblings. She was a playful, happy kitten and it didn’t take long for her to find a home. For most animals, that would be the end of her story. But about nine months later, the adopter reached out to our team about Buttons. She had developed a constant tremble, sudden jerky movements, and a wobbly gait – telltale signs of a disorder called cerebellar hypoplasia. In fact, Buttons’ wobbles got so bad in her home that at one point she had fallen off a table and broken her leg! Her adopter made the difficult decision to return Buttons to ARF, as her unexpected condition had become too much for them to manage.

Cerebellar hypoplasia is a non-painful condition that affects the part of an animal’s brain responsible for balance and coordination. Cats with cerebellar hypoplasia have difficulty walking without falling over and require special care and supervision to keep them from hurting themselves. Down another path, Buttons may have ended up back at a crowded, under-resourced shelter with a very uncertain future. But ARF’s goal isn’t just to find any home for our animals, but a great home that is equipped to meet each animal's needs. After some time in a foster home, along with a string of medical tests, Buttons found the perfect, new family.

Buttons is now snuggled up with her new adopter – one outfitted to give her the special care she needs. Your gift today ensures the next dog or cat in need receives the care it deserves as well. Plus, thanks to a $500,000 matching campaign by a generous friend of ARF, you can double your impact and save twice as many lives.


Large Dog Foster Volunteers Needed

Do you love animals but aren't ready for the full-time commitment of a pet? Consider saving a life, four paws at a time, by becoming a foster volunteer! Fostering is a great way for the whole family to get involved, and even counts toward community service hours for most students. Our volunteer foster families are supported by our experienced staff with any questions that may arise. We provide food, toys, medical care, and all other supplies — all you need is love!

We especially need individuals and families willing to care for large dogs, animals with medical needs, or dogs on training plans. Join the ARF foster network and help animals in need start off on the right paw!


More Updates

All Donations Doubled Thanks to Matching Gift

To kick this year off on the right paw, a generous friend is matching all gifts up to $500,000! You can double your impact and provide more vital care for injured, homeless, and at-risk animals. Save twice as many lives by making a gift today!

ARF's Free Services for Veterans

Do you know any Veterans who could use free pet services? From waived adoption fees on all animals, to service dogs and emotional support animals, to weekly veterinary wellness clinics, we believe in the importance of giving back to those willing to give us everything.

Make a Valentine's Day Memory

Forget the flowers this year — give your special someone the gift of a life saved! Consider sponsoring an adoption fee in their honor or making a matched donation in their name and include a customizable eCard. Remember, while most presents are temporary, saving an animal is forever.

Adopt Versailles

Versailles is a looking for an active adopter who can help her burn through her energy during the day and provide plenty of cuddles at night. She's loving, goofy, smart, and her adoption fee has already been paid by a generous donor! Submit your adoption inquiry today!