When ARF’s rescue team met Jenna, she enthusiastically greeted them by nuzzling up against their hands. In fact, the mere sight of friendly people was enough to get this 4-month-old kitten purring...

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News from Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation  |  December 2021


Jenna's Bright Future is in Sight

When ARF’s rescue team met Jenna, she enthusiastically greeted them by nuzzling up against their hands. In fact, the mere sight of friendly people was enough to get this 4-month-old kitten purring. Unfortunately for Jenna, her ability to see people (or anything at all) was in jeopardy. Jenna was born with an eye defect called eyelid agenesis – a malformation in the eyelid that can cause a slew of problems. The upper eyelid helps protect a cat’s eyes from the unwanted touch of their eyelashes, among other things. In cats affected by eyelid agenesis, those eyelashes are constantly rubbing up against the eye's cornea, resulting in pain, irritation, infection, and eventually blindness.

Once in ARF’s care, Jenna was taken to an eye specialist who performed a corrective procedure. She was then placed in a foster home for recovery, where our dedicated volunteers continued her treatment via daily eye drops and ointments. While in foster care, Jenna began to thrive — her affectionate personality came back after just a few days! She began playing with other household cats, took a liking to cuddling with the family dog, and greeted the family with a rumbling purr first thing every morning. Having just recently finished up her month-long treatment with her foster, Jenna is officially ready to find a permanent, loving home.

Here at ARF, we believe every dog and cat deserves a second chance. Your gift today ensures ARF can continue saving lives where we’re needed most.


Another Fantastic Year of Saving Lives

For many Americans, 2021 was another very difficult year. But here at ARF, we never lost sight of our goal: saving lives. Your support helped ARF stay nimble as we adapted to changing COVID-19 regulations, assisted in multiple California wildfire crises, and remained headstrong in our mission to save dogs and cats in need. So we'd like to finish off this year with an enormous thank you to everyone who supported ARF in 2021. Whether you donated, adopted, volunteered, attended an ARF event, or even just followed us on social media, we couldn't have done it all without you.

For a more in-depth look at the impact of your support, view our 2020-2021 fiscal year annual report. We hope you have an incredible holiday season and can't wait to see what 2022 has in store.


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Puppy Socials are Back

ARF’s popular puppy social classes are back! Join us for 45 minutes of fun for puppies 10-20 weeks old in a clean, safe, supervised environment. Puppy socials teach impressionable, young pups valuable play skills and bite inhibition. Plus, they couldn’t be cuter to watch!

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Adopt Dogwood

Meet Dogwood, your future partner-in-adventure! This 1½-year-old pup charms everyone he meets with his perpetually wagging tail; his goofball personality; and that adorable, crooked smile. Submit your adoption inquiry on our website today!